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BitLocker to go

As we know BitLocker is the full drive encryption feature introduced with the Windows Vista Ultimate and continued to Windows 7 but in addition to full drive encryption BitLocker provides an additional feature “BitLocker To Go” in Windows 7

BitLocker To Go allows users to protect there Removable Storage Devices like USB Pen Drives or External HDD by encrypting the data on it, when any unauthorized person tries to connect these devices to any* other computer it asks for the password following tutorial will show you How to Protect the Removable Storage by Using BitLocker To Go

My System Specifications
2.20GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
2GB DDR3 1066MHz Memory
4GB PenDrive iBall

Step – 11Right click on the drive and select Turn on “BitLocker” 
this will start the BitLocker and will prepare your pen drive to use it with BitLocker

Step – 2
2 2.1

Once the drive is prepared BitLocker will ask you for the method to unlock the pen drive here you can select “Use Password to Unlock the Drive” if you want to lock it using a password or you may select “Use my smart card to Unlock the Drive” if you have a smart card and a smart card reader available.
In this case i am using a password to unlock my drive. Once you select that option you need to enter the password twice which you want to use for unlocking the drive, Enter the password and click Next

Step – 3
3Once you complete the Step – 2 BitLocker will ask you if you want to store a Password Recovery Key this is useful if you forget your password

Step – 4
4When you complete all the above steps you are ready to start the encryption process the BitLocker will ask you for the final confirmation to start the Encryption Process here you have to click on Start Encrypting button which is at the bottom right corner of the window

Step – 6

5The BitLocker will then start encrypting the drive this process may take several minutes in my case it took half hour to encrypt the 4GB pen drive the time may vary depending upon the processing speed and size of the drive.
You can also Pause the process if you want to access any file from the drive in between

Once the process is complete you are all set to use your drive now when you connect the drive to any PC which supports BitLocker it will ask you for the password to unlock the drive
All versions of Windows 7 supports BitLocker encrypted drives

BitLocker is a gr8 way to protect your data
I’M a PC and i use BitLocker 🙂