Microsoft Research Auto Collage 2008

Hello Friends today I would like to introduce you with an another grate application from Microsoft “Microsoft Research AutoCollage” the word research is added to it’s name because it’s invented by Microsoft Research Team

So What is AutoCollage ?
Microsoft AutoCollage is an application which makes a collage from your images if you do the same thing on Adobe Photoshop it will take your 1 to 2 hours but this application makes it in less than a minute even my current header image of blog is created using the AutoCollage.

How to Use the Application ?

When you start the application will will be presented with the following screen

imageBy default the application shows images from your “My Pictures” folder you can choose different folder by clicking on the “…” present on the top of bottom right window
You have to select the folder with Minimum 7 Images the Application supports Maximum 50 Images

image image

After this the application will show the images from your selected folder then all you need to do is to just click on the create button and it will create your collage in few seconds



After that just click on Save and you’re done with the image

I am using the demo version of the application that’s why it’s showing a watermark at bottom


Other useful options provided by the application


1. You directly attach the image to mail and send it to your buddies
2. You can set the collage directly as your desktop background with just a click
3. You can set the number of images in folder using this bar Minimum – 7, Maximum – 50
4. You can see more options of application look at following image

image1. Here you can set the size for images
2. This advanced option allows you to customize which images will occupy what size in collage

On input tab you will find the options for Manual Face Detection and Manual Image Ranking

Download or Purchase information
You can download 30 days trial of this application from Microsoft using this link

or you can purchase it from Microsoft Store here

It costs only $19.95 (921 Indian Rupees Approx) which is not big amount for such a gr8 application
So why are you waiting for download the application and start creating the collage from your images 🙂


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